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How we do it

The Genesis Project

We have spent years building a powerful software package which includes thousands of features. We call it Genesis and it allows us to rapidly develop incredibly advanced websites, web apps, and database driven applications.

To learn more about Genesis, contact us. We are happy to provide features, available packages, and pricing.


Database Driven

The Archive

How do you effectively store nearly 100,000 video games, including screenshots, gameplay videos, instruction manuals, discussions, and everything else? Simple, you call us.

The Archive is the web's largest collection of video game information ever assembled. It's fast, efficient, low-cost, and (best of all) fun as hell.



The Q Coffee System

There's always a better way to make it easier for your customers and clients to find you and interact with you, and it's our job to find out how. Sometimes you can organize your customers into social networks, and sometimes it's just an easier way for them to order your product.

The Q Coffee System is a social network made for the coffee industry, which allows farmers and corporations the ability to share information and process coffee.


Great Design

The Whole Package

Elemodo isn't just about development, we're also about great design. Whether you're a small company that needs to create a brand identity for yourself, or if you're a large corporation that needs to renew your image; we do that. Since we do all the design, development, and deployment ourselves everything will be integrated together perfectly.

The only thing you need to worry about is coming up with great ideas. We'll make them happen for you.


The Best Technologies


Don't worry you don't need to know what any of those are. Our inherent curiosity has given us the opportunity to experiment with the best technologies and discover which are most applicable. Our goal isn't just to produce wonderful websites; our goal is to help you develop your ideas. We will work closely with you to achieve your goals.

We use only what you need, and will never charge you for services you do not want. We focus on making sure you are happy and your business is successful.


What can we do for you?

You have ideas, we have solutions

Elemodo Software offers the complete package. When you request a free quote, we start working on clever and efficient ways of taking your ideas and making them reality. The proposal will include estimates for everything (hosting, domain registration, bandwidth, design, development). Request your free proposal today, and let us help you make your ideas a reality.


Elemodo is an online software company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Our services are designed to take projects from the planning stages all the way through deployment and hosting.

Our staff is comprised of enthusiastic web-developers and designers; who have been brought together because of diverse collection of talents.